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About Our Company

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We  produce high quality products and provide on time delivery to our customers. .

We are mining “NATURAL ROCK SALT PRODUCTS” from one of the world biggest and oldest mine in Pakistan. Salt is being mined in form of Lumps in White, Milky White, Pink, Light Pink and Dark Pink or Reddish in color.

 These salt lamps give off a warm red glow (also emit negative ions which can assist the environment of your room or office) which is not only soothing to look at but creates a peaceful atmosphere that lets you clear your mind and find inner refreshment. We offer these Lamps in different sizes and shapes

The quality of our products is beyond match

Image 01 Image 01http://rockstarsalt.iftionline.com/ Rock salt is also known as 'halite'. The chemical formula for rock salt is NaCl. Rock salt is formed by the evaporation of salty water e.g. sea water. Rock salt deposits can be found in enclosed bays, dry lake beds, inland marginal seas and estuaries in dry regions We want to become national leading mines explorers of Pakistan with its thorough know how of the relevant technological development expertise and qualified personnel in the fields of soil survey, excavation and quality products of Rock Salt Rock Salt & IFTI.

To deliver superior value to all our customers and positive results at the bottom of the business cycle and to create lasting relationship..

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